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Alexander Muzykantov

Alexander Muzykantov is a strikingly gifted person. Combination of the outstanding pianistic qualities, fiery artistic temperament, thoughtfulness of rendering intrinsic to the musician, all these enabled him yet at the age of 16 to get the first prize of the International contest “Minsk-2000”. In November 2006 A. Muzykantov became a prize-winner of the International pianists contest in memory of E. Gilels in Odessa (Ukraine), in 2009 – a prize-winner of the International contest “Jeunesses Musicales” in Beograd (Serbia), in 2013 – the winner of the International pianists contest WTPA in Novi Sad (Serbia).

Alexander Muzykantov was born in 1983 in Mogilev. His musical education started at the age of 6 in the musical school of the small Belorussian town Osipovichi under the guidance of G.B. Volobueva. At the age of 12 Alexander continued his classes in the Republican Musical College affiliated with the Belorussian State Academy of Music in the class of L.N. Bondareva, and a year later in the class of Professor Z.V. Kacharskaya. Under the guidance of Professor Z.V. Kacharskaya A. Muzykantov subsequently graduated the Belorussian State Academy of Music and the magistracy.

Afterwards Alexander continued his classes abroad: the postgraduate study in the London Royal Music College in the class of the keyboard instruments chair-holder Professor Vanessa Latarch and the postgraduate study in the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Associate Professor Maxim Filipov. The pianist twice participated in the master-classes of the famous pianist A. Weissenberg in Engelberg (Suisse) where he was specially awarded. Alexander also participated in the master-classes of such teachers like D. Bashkirov, P. Badura-Shkoda, V. Lobanov, P. Gililov, I. Golan.

During his years of study in the college and in the academy a documentary from the cycle “Grant” was filmed about Alexander, several broadcasts were dedicated to him. From 2001 he began to concertize intensively: A. Muzykantov was invited to the USA to the prize-winners’ festival in Savanna (Georgia), then was touring as the solo performer and within the chamber ensembles in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Suisse, Belgium. Starting from 2001 and till present Alexander performs as the solo pianist with the chamber and symphonic orchestras conducted by such directors like M. Vengerov, Hobart Earl, A. Anisimov, K. Nixon-Lane, V. Domarkas, P. Vandilovsky, M. Kozinets, E. Stepantsov. He constantly performs the solo concerts in the Belorussian towns (Minsk, Gomel, Molodechno, Pinsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev).

For several last years besides the concerts in Belarus Alexander performed the solo concerts and the ensemble programs in the largest European halls: “Saal Cortot” in Paris, “Concert Noble” in Brussels, “Cadogan Hall” and “Steinway Hall” in London.

From 2007 A. Muzykantov is the solo performer of the concerting and touring department of the Belorussian State Philharmonic Society, from 2010 – the teacher of the special piano chair in the Belorussian State Academy of Music.

With the support of association BelBrand in 2013 Alexander carried out the video record of his performance which subsequently was presented at the International Pianists Contest WTPA (World Teachers of Piano Association) in Novi Sad, Serbia. About 150 video materials sent for this contest were examined by the contest jury which included the eminent pianists and professors from various countries (United Kingdom, Russia, Israel). The two winners of the contest were a pianist from France and Alexander Muzykantov from Belarus. Final stage of the contest consisted of the solo concerts of each prize-winner within program of the International Piano Conference WTPA in Serbia. Concert was organized at the main concert venue of Novi Sad “City Hall” to a full house and with success. Alexander also took part in the master-classes of the eminent Professor of the Royal College of Music in London Ian Jones and Professor of the Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv Yuval Edmoni getting the most favorable response both from the Professors and the audience which showed its special interest to the creative work of Alexander.







Александр Музыкантов принимает активное участие в открытии концертного и конкурсного сезона 2014. Впереди Александра ждет еще много конкурсов, концертов и творческих встреч, пожелаем белорусскому артисту удачи и успехов.

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